Our team at G1 Dental would like to thank all our patients for their continued support and compliments about our highly personalised, friendly service.  Our rapidly growing practice is largely a result of recommendations by our patients to family, friends and work colleagues.  If you are a new patient and are considering joining G1 Dental, please browse through our patients reviews for added assurance that you will be provided top quality dentistry in the most comfortable, relaxing and gentle manner possible.

O.B. Martin

“G1 Dental is the best dental practice I have visited in Glasgow so far. The staff was really nice and helpful. The surgery has a good atmosphere. Cheers!”


“A big thank you to my dentist, the implant specialist and the team.  Everyone was friendly. The implant specialist is a true professional ensuring that I was informed at all time of the process.  Really happy with my implant and would highly recommend G1 Dental to others.  I felt that the team really cared about the long term result”


” My experience could not have been better.  Treatment was clear, considerate and careful.  G1 Dental offers a friendly and capable service”

S. McIntosh

” I had not been to the dentist in around 15 years and was very worried.  However, at G1 Dental I was made to feel relaxed and this made everything a lot easier.  Before coming for my appointment, I was worried I would be getting a lecture about not seeing a dentist for so long but everyone was very nice and I will be back every 6 months”

S. McKenna

” Being an anxious patient after a bad experience at another practice I was obviously a bit nervous but the dentist at G1 put me totally at ease and talked through the treatment required and reassured me.  I felt relaxed on the chair whereas at previous dentists I felt clamy and on edge”

C. M.

” On arrival I was treated very professionally, the dentist put me at ease immediately,  he kept me informed at every stage of the procedure. I felt very assured that the dentist was very competent in what he was doing, right through to completion.  Excellent customer service!  The difference at G1 was amazing compared to my past experiences at the dentist”

L. Douglas

“When I first came to G1 Dental I felt slightly nervous, but then I instantly felt at ease! It felt I was in a fancy spa! Thank you G1 Dental!”


” The service is very knowledgeable, professional and at a very good price.  Also friendly and efficient staff”


“I am normally a very nervous patient due to my experiences at other practices.  I was made to feel very at ease and everything was explained clearly to me.  My appointment was very relaxed,  informative and the surgery is very welcoming.  The staff is relaxed and happy!”

A. M

“The treatment I have received has been fantastic. The staff are so helpful and are always there if in need! The treatment has made me feel more confident.  Thanks to G1 Dental for making me smile again 🙂 “


“Really glad that I moved to G1 Dental. Very positive experience so far. I have recommended this dentist to family and friends, I’ve had the best experience!”


“The dental practice set-up is very impressive and the staff have been brilliant- from the front desk to the dentist.  The treatment has been extremely competent, and I was always informed of all options. Thank you very much!”


“The dentist explained my treatment clearly and told the various options.  The dental assistants were both brilliant.  G1 Dental is personal whilst professional.  All round better than my previous dentist. Many thanks!”

L. Sage

” G1 Dental is an amazing dental practice! Before coming  to G1 I was absolutely terrified of the dentist but now thanks to the outstanding dental staff at G1, I no longer fear coming to the dentist.  G1 doesn’t feel like a dental surgery, it is very modern, doesn’t have the typical smell associated with clinics and is relaxing and cosy.  My dentist was very patient, explained everything to me, answered all my questions and continually assured me to put my mind at ease.  He also carried out extensive restorative work on a tooth that was little more than a shell.  Due to his relentless work you can’t even tell which tooth has been restored! I am over the moon with the work that has been carried out.

G1 Dental is miles apart, the staff are very welcoming, nothing is too much trouble. It’s a beautiful practice, very modern, high-tech, innovative and just brilliant. I have recommended G1 on to my friends and family”


” I recently visited your practice after many years of trying to avoid the dentist, which I am extremely afraid of! I had the privilege of registering with your practice and was so happy with everything. I had suffered from broken teeth for too long and decided that I had to do something.  It was having severe impact on my confidence.  I had treatment at the practice and what a huge difference this has made to me! I feel so much better talking to people now, something I never thought I would ever say.  I have G1 Dental to thank for that”

F. S

“I came to the practice following unsatisfactory treatment from my previous dentist.  The team, at G1 Dental fixed the prior work and provided me with a breakdown of the work completed and the changes. By far the best dental practice I have received treatment from”

C. Bennison

“The reception and environment set the scene for what can only be described as both personal and professional care, focused on you as a patient.  Nothing is too much trouble for the professional team at G1 Dental. What distinguishes G1 Dental to other practices I have attended is that I felt safe and secure as a patient, not to mention valued. A pleasure to attend the dentist, which I never thought I would say. I would absolutely recommend G1 Dental to anyone”

D. Hughes

“The interior of G1 Dental instantly puts you at ease and as a nervous patient, this was a blessing.  G1 Dental doesn’t feel clinical at all. Both the receptionist and dentist were very accommodating to my questions and have assured me that my teeth will be brought up to spec. An excellent dentist”

N. Duffy

“I have severe discoloration on my front two teeth and as a dancer it seriously affects my confidence. My previous dentist was not interested in listening to my concerns or requests and I subsequently left. Since joining G1 Dental, I have found all the staff so friendly and helpful.  It is so nice to be asked what I want my teeth to look like and then offered the best path towards achieving this. I am so happy I decided to register at G1 Dental”

Prof. F. Crossan

“Excellent experience! The service and clinical treatment at G1 Dental are at a very high standard.  The dentist identified problems with one tooth I have had for several years and resolved the problem. I am very happy with all aspects of the care and advice given. This was the best dental treatment I have had”


“As a nervous patient I was delighted with the friendly, relaxed atmosphere, it really helped to settle my nerves. The focus on the patient is fantastic and the dentist takes plenty of time to explain each procedure. The location and opening hours are excellent for someone who works in the city centre”

My experience at G1 Dental was friendlier, more relaxed and better informed than previous dentists I have attended.  I would recommend G1 Dental to my family and friends”

L. Seaton

 “The G1 Dental team are extremely polite and made me feel at ease. I was well informed at every stage of the treatment in relation to both cost and how the procedure was being carried out.  G1 Dental has most the up- to- date equipment, something I didn’t find at my previous dental practice”

S. Alexander

“I was a very nervous patient due to bad experiences from a previous dentist. I felt welcomed and very well looked after by all the G1 Dental staff and had a great experience from walking through the door to the moment I left.  I am now looking forward to my next visit to the dentist!”

F. Bell

“I have had a pleasurable experience at G1 Dental, I would recommend everyone to come in to visit this dental practice.  Never thought I would ever say this but it truly has been a pleasure having my dental treatment here.  Everything has been really good from the start of the treatment till my current visit.  I have already recommended G1 Dental to a friend”


“The staff at G1 Dental put me at ease as I am a little nervous at times. The treatment is good and I never felt any pain. I have already recommended G1 Dental to my family and friends”

C. Mutch 

“Before my first appointment, I was really nervous about going to the dentist but the staff really put me at ease and made the experience as enjoyable as it could possibly be. My experience at G1 Dental was so much more relaxing and less painful than previous dental clinics I have attended”

G. Anderson

“My experience at G1 Dental was absolutely fantastic, the dentist has done a wonderful job of my teeth. I now have my smile back and I also have no fear of going to the dentist anymore.  G1 Dental is far better and superior to any other dentist I have ever been to”

S. Laird

“Friendly and attentive staff at G1 Dental who have a professional approach to treatment. My new dentures are perfect! It was a pleasure to visit”

D. McGrattan

“It has been two months since I joined G1 Dental and I am really pleased that I did so.  The service is excellent and the practice has state of the art facilities.  G1 Dental differed from previous dentists I have been to as they have lots of time for each patient and offer the best treatments”

R. Gordon

“I was made to feel very welcome- all of the staff are extremely friendly. I was given good advice for the future and was able to get an appointment in good time and at a time which suited me.  The treatment I received was comfortable and I felt at ease.  I would definitely recommend G1 Dental to my friends and relatives”

J. Thomson

“When I arrived at G1 Dental, it felt I was walking into a spa rather than a dental practice.  The service is very friendly, impossible to beat. I have already made recommendations to my family and friends”

M. Queen

“When I came into the practice for my first appointment, I thought it was lovely and more like a spa. The dentist was very helpful and told me everything he was doing as they carried out the treatment. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone as all the staff are lovely”

G. Wilson

“This is the best, most friendly dental practice I have ever been to. Thanks to all the staff. I have no problems recommending G1 Dental to anyone”

D. Neilson

“I have been a patient at G1 Dental for two and a half months, every procedure was fully explained to me before and after each treatment.  The reception staff is very friendly and made me feel welcome and relaxed each time I came in for my appointment.  Furthermore, the dentist made sure I was relaxed and not anxious. The dentist always took his time and if I had any questions they were always on hand. From experience, other dentists have never done this.

As a result of the practice being the most friendliest and informative I have been to, I am assured I am in good hands and have no worries or fears about having any dental treatment done. I give this practice 10/10. I have had a great experience and have complete trust in my dentist at G1 Dental.

I would 100% recommend G1 Dental”

D. Findlay

“I like the practice, very friendly customer service. G1 Dental is nice place to have my dental treatment”


“G1 Dental has been really good at keeping in touch to help me attend all my appointments. The dental team is very understanding and I found the experience so relaxing. My experience at G1 Dental has been much better in every way compared to other dental practices I have ever attended. Prior to coming to G1 Dental I was a nervous patient, now I feel really comfortable about visiting the dentist”

S. Conroy

“I registered my brother at G1 Dental as it was close to his home. Since then I have become a patient myself as the dentist and his staff have been very friendly and so good at putting us at ease

T. Conroy

“I had not seen a dentist in over 10 years as I was so nervous about visiting the dentist.  At my first appointment, the dentist put me at ease straight away.  After that, I was here once a week for six weeks to complete my treatment.  It was the best thing I have done and will now be a regular at the dentist, visiting every six months.  This is the best dentist I have ever had. Since then, my sister has also become a patient at G1 Dental”

C. Bird

“I had not been to a dentist in 20 years since I am an anxious patient.  The dentist treated me gently and took his time, never rushed any treatment. From my first visit and onwards, I feel much more relaxed about attending my appointments, I no longer have a fear of going to see the dentist. My experience at G1 Dental was so different, it was a lot more relaxing, a polite service and I felt I was in safe hands”

R. T 

“Whenever I come into G1 Dental I feel so welcome by their staff. My experience at G1 Dental has changed me- I don’t feel worried about attending the dentist anymore. I’m looking forward to having my smile back once I’ve completed my treatment at G1 Dental. I would recommend G1 Dental to all my friends and relatives”

L. McGonigle 

“My experience at G1 Dental was very relaxing. I found the dentist and all the G1 Dental staff very welcoming and the atmosphere very warm and friendly-much more friendlier than previous dentists I have attended”


“Five Star Reception & Surgery – competent and friendly receptionist and dentist was excellent”

B. Gray

“My experience at G1 Dental was different to other practices I have attended as the dentist took his time to explain each stage of treatment-nothing was rushed.  The staff is very friendly and made me feel very relaxed. At G1 Dental, everything is clearly explained and also very well priced”

D. Y. 

“Very positive experience. Clerical staff very friendly and make you feel at ease. Dentist realistic about treatment with good advice and information on which to base my decision. I feel I am in very capable hands”

L. Smith

“Before attending G1 Dental, I was scared of going to the dentist. Now I no longer have a fear.  The place is relaxed and friendly. I never thought I would be saying this about the dentist but G1 Dental really is a lovely place to attend for my dental treatment. The place is amazing-it really doesn’t feel like a dental clinic and what lovely staff!”

H. Agyako

‘The G1 Dental experience is plain SUPER! I would certainly recommend this dental practice for a number of reasons: reception staff was most welcoming and made me feel at ease; the dentist made me feel comfortable before working on my teeth, no pain was felt during my treatment; and the practice has pleasant environment with state of the art equipment”

J. McAteer

“G1 Dental is superb. I have been a patient for around 3 months and I can say the staff is always welcoming,  pleasant and friendly. I appreciated the cold refreshments provided during the summer heatwave”

J. Shields

“I have had a much better and relaxing experience at G1 Dental than previous dentists I have been to. I had always been terrified of the dentist, to my surprise this dentist has made me feel relaxed.  Now, I have no problem coming back for dental treatment”

M. Gallagher

“I felt my experience at G1 Dental has been very attentive- both reception staff and dentist are all very friendly and reassuring. A great practice and very modern. G1 Dental deserve every success”

E. Newman

“I was very happy with my treatment, it was painless and very well done. The dentist was really good at explaining what they were doing whilst doing the treatment. I am delighted!”

S. Mwage & J. McDougall

“We both received excellent treatment and a quality service. We also enjoyed the hospitality of the great, caring team at G1 Dental. We felt calm and welcomed, we would recommend G1 Dental any time, any day!’

B. Steel

” My experience at G1 Dental has been exceptional and I would absolutely recommend my family and friends to come here. In the past, I have had a lot of bad experiences with dentists but the treatment, reassurance and comfort I have received at G1 Dental have put my worries to rest. Cannot thank the staff enough”

F. MacLeod

‘I was very happy with the service. The dentist and staff were all very nice. Thank you ALL!”

H. Stewart 

“I had previously experienced poor dentistry results, I had a phobia of visiting dentists. The team at G1 Dental are exceptional- from putting me at ease to providing a first class customer experience. I would recommend G1 Dental to anyone. Amazing!”

M. McAverty 

” I would recommend G1 Dental to anyone, it is a beautiful place and not like a dental surgery. The staff is also nice”

L. Blair 

“I needed wisdom teeth removed and I had been really worried as friends had been telling me stories that it would be painful and I would need time off work to recover and so on. At G1 Dental, I must have been in the chair for 10-20 minutes at most and it was over! No pain and I was really surprised how quick it was over. Amazing-no need to have worried! My experience at G1 Dental has all been very pleasant and they put all my worries at ease”


At G1 Dental,  we welcome feedback from our dental patients – if you’ve visited the practice and would like to share your experience, please do let us know by emailing us on [email protected].  Your opinion is highly valued.